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Collision Course (Body Shop Bad Boys #4)(3)
Author: Marie Harte

   Blue Altima—a car he loathed like nobody’s business. The damn thing had been in and out of the shop three times in the past six months, and no one liked working on it or dealing with the pain-in-the-ass owner. An old woman who ate bitch pills for breakfast.

   “I’m all over it,” he muttered.

   Lou had been raised by his mother, his grandmother, and five aunts. He had five sisters and thirteen female cousins—who lived way too close by—and he’d been working for Delilah McCauley since her father had all but retired.

   Lou respected women. He loved women.

   Yet Patsy Sidel did nothing but bitch about her car, no matter how many times the crew and Del had begged her to trade it in for one that worked.

   No, he had no urge to deal with Mrs. Sidel. Not when he had his mind full of another woman with no time for him or his charming ways, which frankly baffled him.

   He swore as he busted his knuckles against a stubborn bolt, the pain right up there with the headache brewing anytime he thought about Josephine—Joey—Reeves.

   It continued to confuse the hell out of him that the one woman he’d had his eye on for months still refused to respond to his obvious appeal, handsome good looks, and killer grin.

   He swore some more as he fought with the spark plugs on his current project, his thoughts on a sexy brunette who spooked if he so much as took a step in her direction.

   What the hell had happened? It was like he’d fallen into an alternate reality. His badass boss had snagged a decent guy, complete with a kid and a dog. His fellow mechanics, all gruff, tatted, and coarse, had scored sweethearts. Even the boss’s dad had a fine woman who thought he hung the moon. And Liam was an all-around bruiser.

   But Lou—the best-looking and smartest of the bunch—could barely get a smile from the chick he’d been digging?

   He’d first seen her when she’d timidly stepped into the garage, months ago, asking for Del. His entire world had centered on that one moment, and it was like the fucking sun had spotlighted the petite brunette, showcasing the perfect woman in the center of his world.

   Then she’d scurried by him, not looking much at any of the guys, as a matter of fact, and disappeared into Del’s office. Joey had come by a few times after that to deal with Del and flowers for her wedding. But somehow she managed to avoid being anywhere near Lou.

   The guys thought it hilarious, since he’d made his interest clear. Even Del questioned what had happened to Lou’s famous ability to charm women. What made it even worse? Del liked the chick, and she’d invited Joey to hang at the wedding as a guest.

   Again, he’d been denied. He’d tried talking to her only to have her stammer and light out as if her hair had caught fire. Then she’d disappeared when he’d tried to ask if she was okay.

   Sheer luck had brought him into her shop today, inspired by the idea of getting his sister flowers to celebrate her breakup with a major asshole. Of course, Stella wouldn’t see it that way. But he did.

   He sighed. Josephine Reeves. Demure. Sleek and pretty. Joey had a tiny frame, gently curved in all the right places though. Her mink-brown hair curled around her shoulders, long and thick. She had pretty features, nothing too remarkable. Lou had been with knockouts. Women with huge breasts and round asses, thick thighs, muscular frames, blonds, redheads, you name it.

   But for some reason, Joey Reeves and her tiny hands, less-than-a-handful breasts, and slender figure got him harder than steel. Just thinking about her brought out all the dominant instincts he’d made good use of since he’d first taken a woman to bed.

   Man, the thought of all he wanted to do to her… Touching her in the store hadn’t been smart, but he hadn’t been able to stop himself. Finally, they’d had a face-to-face conversation. More than the physical attraction, just being around her made his heart do weird somersaults. He’d felt happy just being near all that sweetness.

   And he had another couple of hours until he’d get to see her again.

   He smiled and chuckled, wondering if she’d try to pawn him off on another employee. Not that it mattered. He planned to seduce the woman into a date if it was the last thing he ever—

   “Shoot, Lou.” A husky female voice jarred him from his fantasies. “My father works faster than you anymore.”

   He jolted, scraping across that damn bolt again and bleeding over the engine. “You need to wear a bell.”

   “No kidding.” Liam, Del’s father, didn’t sound happy. No doubt insulted that his daughter had compared him to Lou. “For the record, I’m still a better mechanic than any of the dickheads in here.” He flashed a satisfied smile. “No offense, Lou, Sam.”

   Sam grunted.

   “What he said.” Lou swore under his breath, cradling his stinging hand.

   Like the rest of the guys who worked in the shop, Liam Webster wore his brawn well. Six-two and built like a brick, the guy looked and acted a decade younger than his sixty years. Hell, Lou was no pushover, but he had no intention of ever going up against Liam. The old man looked like the type to fight dirty. With a daughter like Del, he no doubt knew how to handle conflict.

   On a regular basis.

   Del McCauley, now that she’d married Mr. White Picket Fence, looked good wearing a gold band on her finger. Other than the ring, going home daily at five, and smiling all the damn time, his boss hadn’t much changed. Then again, it had only been a week since she’d officially become a Mrs.

   Lou realized Liam had used the word dickhead and Del hadn’t laid into him. “So we can swear again?”

   “Yeah.” Liam blew out a breath. “Now that my princess snagged herself a man and is living in wedded bliss, the rest of us are free to talk like normal people.”

   Prior to her wedding, Del had pronounced the garage “swear-free” for months in an effort not to swear at her own wedding.

   “It worked, Dad.” Del grinned. “I didn’t say one fucking thing wrong.”

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